SKP Carbon works with its strategic partner Emergent Ventures International to provide sustainability, climate change and renewable energy consulting to clients across the globe. We have years of industry experience, robust domain expertise and global work profiles – in location as well as experience. We work across a number of sectors such as renewable energy and prevention of gases such as methane, N2O, PFC, Waste Heat Recovery and Forestry etc.
Now with the growing number of CDM projects worldwide, SKP Carbon Limited has been setup to assist clients in Pakistan with conceptualization, registration, and implementation of Clean Development Mechanism projects under the United Nation’s Kyoto Protocol. The Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) is a project-based mechanism under the Kyoto Protocol that allows industrialized countries to pay for projects that reduce emissions in poorer nations, and are then awarded certified emission reductions (CERs)that can be used to meet their own emission targets. The goal of the CDM is to assist developing countries in achieving a sustainable development and to assist developed countries achieving their emission limitations and reductions under the Kyoto Protocol. SKP Carbon’s CDM team has proven experience brokering CER trades. We work across a number of sectors such as renewable energy (bio-mass, hydro, and wind), waste to energy, and prevention of gases such as methane, HF-23, N2O, PFC, Energy Efficiency, Waste Heat Recovery, and Forestry, etc. We design PDDs with reviews by high quality experts to maximize value for carbon assets for our clients.

Service Lines

  • Facilitation for CDM registration with identification of potential CDM opportunities and their assessment. PDD development, which includes facilitating validation, host country approval and registration
  • Carbon Assets Management Identification of potential buyers and structuring the best possible financial deal to Maximize value of CER’s earned and Implement Risk Mitigation strategies CDM and CER backed financial plus other forms of financial (equity, quasi equality, debt)

Please contact us at if you want to know more about CDM projects or have any potential CDM opportunities in hand. We shall help you do a preliminary assessment before taking the next step towards development of a CDM project.