Working with the right mix of skills is crucial, whether you’re a startup or an established company. SKP Resource Limited identifies your human capital needs, makes the necessary changes within your organization. This might be getting the right people or training existing employees to improve productivity, efficiency, and communication or even raise employee morale. With the increasing trend in organizations outsourcing their administrative and transactional functions, much attention can now be spent on strategically sailing your company in the right direction

Why Let SKP Resourced Limited Sort Your Human Capital Needs?

Our years in the industry, accompanied with seasoned experts give us the edge to evaluate your most important resource, human capital. Let’s face it; having a full-time HR department is expensive. This however should not be the reason for your startup to be incompetent. Let us step into your shoes and make the right changes for you. SKP Human Resource provides you with a fresh insight to your HR structure.

What SKP Resources Offers?

  • Human Capital Resourcing
    • We match the HR requirements of your business with high quality professionals in all disciplines and make it possible for you to connect with the best candidates available in the market.
  • Payroll Outsourcing
    • Our job is to minimize your workload by taking over the payroll procedure. We do this by using a payroll application with the collaboration of Netsol Technologies, the first Pakistani company to trade on NASDAQ stock exchange.
  • HR Audit
    • With SKP Human Resource Audit, you are can see a clear picture of where you stand. Our goal is optimizing your human resource. We identify the key problem areas & then find solutions to tackle them smartly. In the end you get the best value from the people you work with.