SKP Law Associates specializes in Intellectual Property Law and other commercial practices including Contract Laws of Pakistan, Mergers and Acquisitions, Liquidations and Business Restructuring.

SKP Law Associates know the ins and outs of business and corporate law. Incorporation deeds, rental, purchase or sales contracts, mergers and splits, winding-up and liquidation of businesses, business restructurings. All these situations are familiar ground to our expert legal advisers.
The departments which comprise SKP Law Associates are corporate, legislations, employment and property. Although the firm is divided into departments which indicate our particular areas of specialization, every lawyer has to deal with day to day advisory work for clients in a way which creates and maintains the close client relationships on which the firm is founded and which we aim to create with new clients.

Presently SKP Law Associate is involved in following major areas:

  • Incorporation deeds
  • Rental, purchase or sales contracts
  • Mergers and splits
  • Winding-up and liquidation of businesses
  • Business restructurings
  • Drafting and filing of Suits, Petitions, Written Statements, Appeals, writ
  • Petitions and Replies
  • Pursuing, hearing and litigation of court cases (Civil, Criminal, Labour, Tax and Corporate)
  • Giving all kind of Legal Notices to the third party on behalf of clients
  • Rendering legal opinions on legal issues arising out of various laws/regulations, Interpretation of Laws
  • Vetting and Researching Law

Our Legal Experts:

Mr. Ahsan Kamran

Mr. Ahsan Kamran has an LLB (Hons) and an LLM in International Law with International Relations from the University of Kent, UK. Returning to Pakistan in 2005 after completion of his studies, Ahsan joined the esteemed offices of Cornelius, Lane & Mufti where he was involved with a number of legal advisory projects on money laundering, banking and finance related issues. Ahsan was also very intrinsically involved with several high profile litigation projects, which included the case of NWFP v WAPDA Subsequently, Ahsan teamed up with SKP Group to set up SKP Carbon Limited in a joint venture with Emergent Ventures International from Singapore. He is an Advocate of the High Court and he looks after the business & opportunities development of SKP Group.

Mr. C. M. Rehman- Senior-Head of Legal

Mr. C. M. Rehman completed his LLM from the Holborn College, London (Liverpool John Moorse University). He has been working as an associate with Lawyers & Lawyers International and Mandviwalla & Zafar (two leading Lahore based law firms. During this time he has had vast experience of dealing with a wide range of corporate and commercial laws, in particular with banking laws. This includes all types of recovery suits, legal opinions on State Bank of Pakistan notifications, consumer financing, bank guarantees, letters of credit, restructuring, and all other associated legal agreements. Mr. C. M. Rehman has also vast experience in various areas of corporate, government and high profile litigation practice; advising government bodies, financial and industrial clients in Pakistan and overseas and work in close association with international law firms.