International Green Economy Association

International Green Economy Association (Full name: Beijing Chaoyang District
International Green Economy Association, abbreviation: IGEA), is a professional
social organization approved by government of Beijing Chaoyang District, China. It is
headquartered in Central Business District (CBD) of Beijing – the most international
area, and becomes the comprehensive platform, which connects global resources &
functions and developing Chinese green economy globalization cooperation.

1. Two-pronged international cooperation network-GBO-GLOBAL

GBO-GLOBAL, the sub-company created by IGEA, focuses on global business. It
sets up a two-pronged global cooperation system-“bringing in” and “going outside”.

  1. Aiming at providing one-stop O2O services around the world, GBO-GLOBAL is
    concentrated on international technology transfer to China” and “international
    cooperation of Chinese capacity”. Currently, we have already been connected with
    more than 20 countries to explore the potential business in professionally introducing
    advanced green technology and projects into Chinese market and to become the
    significant path for global partners to get involved in Chinese green economy area.
  2. The core business of GBO-GLOBAL is the Belt and Road Chinese capacity
    cooperation. In order to have a better practice of the Belt and Road, GBO-GLOBAL
    has already organized Chinese enterprises to explore and start Chinese capacity
    cooperation and help them to clarify development routes for international cooperation.
    For the first stage for example, GBO-GLOBAL, together with China-Pakistan
    Friendship Association (CPFA), has already jointly promoted cooperation in industry
    and trade areas between China and Pakistan

2. Diversified business cooperation network

IGEA owns more than 2,000 members and partners in green economy area, which is a
strong joint platform of China’s emerging industry. Meanwhile, as the professional
organization of Beijing headquarters of economy service, GBO-GLOBAL builds a
diversified business cooperation network connected with more than 200 members of Top 500 enterprises and international companies.

3. Comprehensive cooperation base of regional economy

IGEA has already established strategic partnership of green industry clusters with
more than 50 cities in China.

4. Professional green think tank and the Belt and Road international cooperation
think tank

IGEA is one of the earliest non-government organizations that have established green
think-tank, consisted of 500 consultants and authoritative experts in various industries,
which endows IGEA with the capabilities of think-tank consultation, such as
professional policy application, program designing and planning, technical
demonstration and optimization, and development mode design etc.
Under the Belt and Road Initiative, IGEA sets up a think tank for the Belt and Road
international cooperation, in order to offer professional consultation support in policy
and market issues for domestic enterprises’ cooperation with foreign companies.

5. Finance service for green economy and international economic and trade

Green Capital, the sub-company created by IGEA, is a professional organization
focusing on green finance operation. Through the development work in green industry
funds, green insurance, green credit and green bonds, Green Capital can guide more
financial resources and social funds into environmental protection, energy
conservation, clean energy, modern agriculture and other green industries, in order to
enhance the breadth and depth of cooperation between green finance and green
Together with various international financial services institutions, IGEA can provide
all-round financial service for Chinese companies when making the international
IGEA has gradually become the most representative service organization in green
economy area in China and the most representative platform in international
cooperation at the same time.

GBO advisory services on the Belt and Road project

As the professional advisory organization about The Belt and Road, GBO-GLOBAL
has been established in-depth contact with more than 20 countries along The Belt and
Road. In the collaboration of specific projects of the countries along The Belt and
Road Initiative, GBO-GLOBAL will make full use of our superior resources
integration and strategic planning ability, focus on helping promote project landing at
the early stage of the development, dock the targeted resources at the mid- stage, and
project tracking as the long-term services, to achieve the cooperation agreement of the
member enterprises and the counterpart of target country along the Belt and Road.